Electric Cooperatives

Electric Cooperatives: When The Goal Is Not To Sell Kilowatt-Hours But To Promote A New Energy Model

Electrical Substation and rating the power consumption properly

More than a century ago, the first electric cooperatives were born to bring light to the towns ‘forgotten’ by the companies. The new ones, which have emerged in recent years, offer citizens an alternative to the large companies that dominate the market.

Cooperatives are a non-profit model in which consumers become “owners of their own electricity company” after becoming members. An initial fee of 100 euros is required to enter and be able to contract electricity with them. All the decisions, including the annual fees, are voted in an assembly by the cooperative members.

The advantage is not so much the prices they offer, but the commitment to promote a change in the current energy model by guaranteeing that 100% of the electricity they sell is green and by launching projects to produce their own energy from renewable sources.

The long-term objective of all of them is to produce 100% of the energy that their cooperative members need, but it is still a distant goal.

Today there are green energy labels ‘for everyone’ because the demand from consumers who want to have this certification is much lower than the existing renewable energy supply.

The main objective: change the energy model.

Cooperatives are now a minority, but there is potential to continue growing because there is a “coherent critical mass inclined to environmentalism” in society and gives as an example what happened with telecommunications.

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